SET PATH oddities

Without testing this code in the Command Window, can you say what paths Visual FoxPro searches for each of the following SET PATH statements?

SET PATH TO "111,222",333
SET PATH TO 111;"222,333"
SET PATH TO 111, 222 333

With this in mind here's what directories VFP searches for each variation:

1) The last directory is ignored, since VFP only reads until the terminating quotation mark that follows 222.


2) 222 and 333 are parsed separately. You cannot specify a directory that has a comma in the name. Note that the last two directory names each contain one quote which renders the path invalid.


3) If you have a path with a blank you should not use quotes. Visual FoxPro keeps spaces in the name. It removes, however, blanks at the beginning and the end.

.\222 333