The current state of Guineu

I've been pretty busy in the past months which kept me from reporting on Guineu's progress. Since November I added the object engine, implemented a number of base classes and started working on the data engine. I also added several functions and commands. The entire feature set is still very basic compared to what Visual FoxPro offers, but it's sufficient to write working applications.

This is what the same form looks like using the Guineu runtime for Windows desktops. Guineu automatically translates the FoxPro form into a .NET WinForm. The form is fully working:

As Guineu is compatible with the .NET Compact Framework, I also have a runtime for PDAs. To run FoxPro code on the PDA, you copy the Guineu runtime files and your FXP files onto the PDA, that's it. Here's what the same form looks like on a PDA:

Right now Guineu is completely written in managed code. There's no VFP COM server involved, nor does Guineu rely on a Windows DLL. For this reason, you can run Guineu on Mono. Here's what the FoxPro form looks like on Suse Linux 10.0:

It's not as pretty, but still fully working. If you are interested in testing Guineu, just drop me a mail at