So much for keeping this strictly technical... Craig Berntson and Ted Roche tagged me in their blogs. Which means I'm now participating in a cocktail party game initiated by Jeff Pulver and I don't even know him except for five things. So, here are the five things about me you didn't (want to) know before:

  1. I collect Walt Disney comics. From the money I made with my first FoxPro program
    I bought the first comic in my collection. Today I've got a little less than 1,000 issues.
  2. In school I was the last boy in my class that got a computer.
  3. I got my driver's license in 2004, but still prefer trains over cars.
  4. I love cooking. It's hard to understand why people buy food where you need a PhD in chemistry to understand
    the list of ingredients.
  5. Unlike many other programmers I never really learned to play an instrument.